What can I expect during my first visit?


You first visit at Trombly Chiropractic will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour (appointments for established patients vary, but usually take 20-30 minutes). When you come in, our friendly front desk staff will ask you to fill out a few forms to outline your symptoms (most are available on line to save you time at your first visit).

Dr. Trombly will perform an exam and speak with you about your symptoms and treatment goals. He will then take x-rays of your spine to determine if you are candidate for Chiropractic care. After reviewing the x-rays. Dr. Trombly will recommend a treatment plan that best suits your symptoms and diagnosis. Along with the chiropractic care, depending on your recommended treatment, we us ice or heat therapy with massage chairs or our Intersegmental traction table (roller massage table). These therapies assist in muscle relaxation and decompression.

Your actual Chiropractic adjustment will vary based on you diagnosis and treatment plans and goals. Dr. Trombly uses several different adjustment techniques coordinating manual therapies with our computerized adjustment system, the S.M.A.R.T. adjustor.

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